Speech Work

bw7I help individuals with pronunciation and accents both online and in person in the London area. My clients include professionals of all kinds, with a wide range of mother tongues. I give workshops and short courses internationally; 2018 venues included Argentina, Germany, Japan, Korea and Russia. I am also Director of UCL’s famous annual Summer Course in English Phonetics.

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I have just passed my English retour exam, and the examiners commented on the improvement in my accent.

client, interpreter

Geoff has a fantastic skill to communicate complex linguistic information in a practical and understandable way. I could not recommend Geoff’s coaching more.

client, film-TV actor

The best course I have ever taken.

short course participant

I recently met a former student of yours. I was wholly impressed by how authentically British her accent sounded, and she told me that you taught her.

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on History Channel’s American Ripper
first trip to Russia, Dubna University, May 2018